Let us give you free food waste bins and worms (bins) — no, really

Update Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022:

We are officially out of worm bins! We only have kitchen buckets left.

Original story:

OK, OK, OK, we can explain. The worms will help you compost stuff, we promise.

Let’s get into it — are you an Auburn resident who has yard and food waste service, or do you backyard compost? Well, lucky you! You can receive a FREE kitchen food scrap bucket and a sample of compostable bags (and a spatula) while supplies last.

What’s more, we’re also giving away a wormcycler bin. What’s that, you may ask? It’s basically a bin that is used to turn food scraps into compost with worms via a process called vermicomposting (sounds cool, right?). Plus, they’re fun to look at — especially if you happen to be a cat. Home Depot or Walmart or plenty of local stores can help you locate some wriggly fellas to help you out.

Available to residents who live within the city limits of Auburn and while supplies last. Call 253–931–3038 or email recycling@auburnwa.gov.



We are a city in Washington

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